Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The battle for Proxima begins

Book 4 in the Star Crusades Series
Today is the 14th of September and I am pleased to announce the final release of Battle for Proxima. This is the fourth big in my Star Crusades series and the penultimate story in the five book story arc. The events of the previous books have been building up to a level that demanded satisfaction in the most violent of ways. This is the longest book I have written so far and that added extra time on the end to get it finished. It was one of those stories that just wouldn’t end!

One question I am often asked is about extra detail with regards to smaller characters. For example, some of the more junior soldiers or officers might just get a mention but the reader wants more. In a war as big as this one I have to keep the attention on the small group of main characters, the two most important being Spartan and Teresa. Next in line are general Rivers, Admiral Jarvis, Commander Anderson, Gun and Marcus. There are dozens more but you are probably already starting to see the problem. 
Warships assembling for battle at Euryale

When book five is completed it is my intention to examine the lesser characters. I have some ideas for them and will bounce them off you in due course. For now enjoy my new novel, I will let you know more about book five as we get closer to its own release date.