Monday, 28 November 2011

Star Crusades Omnibus Edition out now

There is now an even more affordable way to get hold of my best-selling Star Crusades series. The newly released Omnibus edition includes all five of the novels in one package. As well as saving money you will also get the latest artwork for the series. At nearly 390,000 words this is a true epic that will keep even the fastest reader busy for a good number of nights. A paperback and hardback of this penology will be out in the next few weeks.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Star Crusades pentalogy is finished!

After a great deal of work I am pleased to announce the completion of my pentalogy of novels. All are now available to buy as kindle books and all but book five is available as a paperback. A hardback containing all five books will be out within the month. it has taken a long time to plan out and write these novels, the last one was especially tough and ended up being two chapters longer than planned. At 380,000 words, this is truly an epic piece of work and one I am very pleased with.

This is the first major work I have completed and it has proven to be a real epic in both time and scope. I am now well underway on a new series of books that are unrelated to Star Crusades. I hope much of what I have learnt in terms of plotting, style and technique will be used to make my new series even greater than this one.

As for whether this is the end of the road for Star Crusades, well, not really. It is the end of the story arc for sure but there are many more stories to tell. What happened before the war? Perhaps more importantly, what happened afterwards? There are also some of the smaller stories such as the characters of Gun, Khan, Anderson and the rest. It is my plan to produce at least two more series based on the Star Crusades universe. I will leave it to my legions of fans to let me know what they would like to know more about before the story continues.

That is your cue to get in touch!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

November update: Terra Nova, Star Crusades and the future...

Confederate taskforce
Terra Nova is finished
After months of work the manuscript for the final book in the Star Crusades series is finished. Fall of Terra Nova is now with the editor and proofreader to have the finishing touches put to the text. The final book in the five book series is by far the largest at well over 100,000 words, the longest novel I've written so far.

Dawn of a new series
This isn't a moment to sit and reflect though, starting this week I have begun planning a whole new science fiction series that will combine my knowledge and experience of computing, armed martial arts and ancient history. Once Fall of Terra Nova is released I will post up details of my new saga. For now, all I can say is it will be a longer series than Star Crusades and it will be heavily influenced on 4th century BC history mixed with science fiction and adventure.

The Future of Star Crusades
Where does this leave Spartan and the characters from Star Crusades now that the series is complete? That is a good question. First of all, I think it is important to understand that the five book series ends a story arc. There are more stories to be told in this world from the early days of Spartan through to the continuing adventures of the Jotnar.