Thursday, 17 November 2011

Star Crusades pentalogy is finished!

After a great deal of work I am pleased to announce the completion of my pentalogy of novels. All are now available to buy as kindle books and all but book five is available as a paperback. A hardback containing all five books will be out within the month. it has taken a long time to plan out and write these novels, the last one was especially tough and ended up being two chapters longer than planned. At 380,000 words, this is truly an epic piece of work and one I am very pleased with.

This is the first major work I have completed and it has proven to be a real epic in both time and scope. I am now well underway on a new series of books that are unrelated to Star Crusades. I hope much of what I have learnt in terms of plotting, style and technique will be used to make my new series even greater than this one.

As for whether this is the end of the road for Star Crusades, well, not really. It is the end of the story arc for sure but there are many more stories to tell. What happened before the war? Perhaps more importantly, what happened afterwards? There are also some of the smaller stories such as the characters of Gun, Khan, Anderson and the rest. It is my plan to produce at least two more series based on the Star Crusades universe. I will leave it to my legions of fans to let me know what they would like to know more about before the story continues.

That is your cue to get in touch!


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  2. Congratulations on finishing this series of books. I have been looking forward to the final part so awhile and can't wait to see what happens to Spartan, Teresa, Gun and the others. Good stuff!

  3. great series but ended kind of abruptly, i would be interested in learning what happened to spartan and teresa, but more importantly what happens with the government and the rebuilding of confederacy and the various colonies.

  4. Thanks for that. I didn't really want to continue the story ad nauseum as there is always something else to add. This 5 book series was supposed to cover the uprising and I hope that over the series it has been dealt with.

    As for the characters and what happens next, I have lots of plans to expand the series. Options include a prequel trilogy about the Great War, a series about Spartan as a pit fighters, a spin-off about the Jotnar, a sequel series that includes most of the main characters or...a middle series that follows a few characters (yet to be named) that will have a number of adventures on a much smaller scale.

    Either way, early next year there will be news on what will be happening next. Do let me know about the bits you like or want to know about the most.

  5. I have truly enjoyed the entire series, I think having the series continue say five years in the future would be a great way to go. You could add more depth to many of the characters, give a synopsis of Spartan, Teresa, Jotnar etc... and find an entirely new storyline for all the characters to take. I'd be less interested in a prequel myself, but I enjoy your writing very much. Though it still needs work, the editing is getting better. I'm reading Champions of The Apocolypse right now, and I can see a three or four book arc from this book as well. Great Stuff Michael. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for that. I'm actually in the planning stages of a sixth book that will provide a conclusion to most of the plot arcs as well as sow the seeds for a new series. The next series will definitely be set later, between 1-5 years. More soon!

  7. OK Michael!
    I've read all six now and I am itching to read the next one! I may sound like a kid, but I am a 50+ year old adult who has thoroughly enjoyed the series.
    Thanks for your work.
    Best Regards;

  8. Great news, thanks for the update. The series has been extended to six books with the last one called 'Slaves of Hyperion'. Even better though, there is a new series set to decades later called 'Star Crusades Nexus'. This will be six book long and the first two books are already available.

  9. I have just finished 'Slaves of Hyperion' and I have to say I'm itching to start reading the 'Nexus' story arc. I haven't been able to put the series down since reading the first book. I have been kept in an adrenaline rush throughout the series, you're description of some of the fierce space battles being impeccable as well as the fleshed out characters you have created (Admiral Jarvis being my favourite). All I can say is keep up the good work Michael and I can't wait to read more of your work.