Sunday, 19 February 2012

Star Crusades: The First Trilogy…and onwards!

The First Trilogy Artwork
I have several exciting pieces of news for you concerning my latest novels. The first is that my publisher is releasing the first three novels in the Star Crusades series as a combined edition. This is the cheapest way so far of obtaining these exciting novels. The combined edition contains some great new artwork that shows our eponymous hero Spartan, in yet another of his favoured warzones.  Previously you could purchase the entire five-book series at a much higher price. This has now changed in readiness for the next piece of news…
As you might have already guessed, the title for the combined edition kind of gives the game away. If you haven’t already guessed it, there cannot be a first trilogy unless there is more than one. So in answer to all your questions, yes, there will be a sixth novel and yes it will form the last part of the second trilogy. This means ‘Fall of Terra Nova’ will actually be the middle title in the second set of books. I will announce more of this over the next few weeks once the second book in the Black Legion is released. For now just know that book six is coming and that there will be more to follow!

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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing where Book 6 takes Spartan and Co. Good luck with the first trilogy.