Sunday, 22 April 2012

Slaves of Hyperion (Star Crusades, Book 6) is in the wild!

Slaves of Hyperion is now out and marks the end of the six-book cycle that is the Star Crusades series. It has been sometime since I visited the world of Spartan and his friends as I’ve been writing the new Black Legion series. With so many requests for this book I had to put Black Legion III on hold to get  this final book competed.
This book ties up many of the loose ends from Fall of Terra Nova and gives closure to most of the characters. The book moves the story to the planet of Hyperion, a mysterious jungle world and hides a secret. Old enemies and characters from all five previous books show up in this conclusion to the story. Expect to learn more about the Zealots, the Biomechs and the religious cult of Echidna that has been the driving force in the war.
The Star Crusades series will be continued by Star Crusades Nexus, an exciting new stand-alone series that is set seventeen years after the end of Slaves of Hyperion.


  1. Fantastic. The cover looks awesome!

  2. Just finished book 6 - it was really good. I wish you would go deeper into the zealots history - I don't feel like.I.really know what they believe.

    Big fan

  3. Excellent, thank you. The Zealots and the enemy leadership are fully revealed in the SC Nexus plotline with some of their key players being main characters.