Sunday, 21 October 2012

My new series - Star Crusades Nexus

Legions, the 1st book in the Nexus series
As many of you have noticed, my original Star Crusades series is complete. Six novels divided up into two trilogies that chronicle the Great Uprising that ripped the Centauri Confederacy apart, much as the Great War did fifty years before that. I've taken a short time out to work on my Black Legion series but am now back and pleased to announce that the Star Crusades is far from over, in fact you are only a third the way in! My original intention was to write Siege of Titan as a test novel, to see if there was interest in this kind of old-school science fiction. The sales of the first book were massive and I've used subsequent books to flesh out the world including backstory, characters and an entire star system. This world has now become so complex that I am receiving lots of requests for prequels and side story novels to cover different parts of the series. Some want the Spartan story prior to Siege of Titan while others want something new like a Corsair trilogy set in the middle of the Uprising. Even the Jotnar are a possibility for a spinoff. Even so, I have a strict schedule to follow over the next year or two and my new series is the beginning.

I am therefore pleased to announce that Star Crusades Nexus is the second part of my long-term story arc that extends the timeframe and the story of the Alliance. Rifts are artificially constructed out of the technology taken from Hyperion and humanity travels deep into space, initially to the Orion Nebula. Here they discover other races as well as the background to the Biomechs and where the motivations for the Zealots came from. This series is projected to be six books and will see the Alliance make great discoveries and hit some major problems. This series is stand-alone and does not require reading the Uprising series though it will add some great backstory. It is my intention that each block of novels can be enjoyed on its own and serves as a chunk of a much greater story.

Machine Gods, 2nd book in the Nexus series
What next? Well, that is a very good question. I have other book series such as my psuedo-historical Black Legion series but Star Crusaded will always receive the lion share of my attention. Nexus is the middle of my planned series and when complete the stage will be set for the grand finale, something that will make any even so far seem almost insignificant. I don't want to say to much but suffice to say it will be a truly epic conclusion to a massive science-fiction series.

If you want to know anymore please contact me through my Facebook fanpage or via my publisher.

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  1. Michael - i've really enjoyed both series so keep them coming. if you need extra proof readers - i'd be happy to help out!