Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The future of Star Crusades

The Alliance arrive deep inside the Orion Nebula
I receive many questions regarding my expanding series but none is more common than ‘how many books will it be?’ My original plan was just to write the first book ‘Siege of Titan’ to see if there was any interest at all in this kind of novel. It was a radical departure from my previous historical and zombie related fiction but also one that i wanted to write more than any of the others. Luckily the interest was massive and I’ve expanded the original plot to include new locations, themes and characters. Even so, right from book 1 i have had a second book called the Star Crusades Encyclopedia. This is a companion volume that is just for me that I used to record al my ideas as well as every single person and location in the series. By the time Titan was finished I had lots of ideas that could move the books on to a trilogy or perhaps even more.

Back to the present. I am please to announce that the Star Crusades series is now fully planned out to three complete series of at least six books a piece and that this means you can expect no less than eighteen books in total. The first series ‘Star Crusades Uprising’ was made up of six novels that introduced are characters, the uprising itself and the emergency of new tech as well as the Alliance. The second series, known as ‘Nexus’ concerns these new regions of space such as T’Karan and Helios and how the Alliance will establish itself with its new neighbors whilst dealing with the specter of the old enemy. This will be approximately six books and lead to the third and final chapter, ‘Star Crusades Apocalypse’.

Will that be the end? I hope not but it will be the end of the story cycle that I planned for the Morato family. I would definitely like to go back and visit other locations in the universe I’ve created both before, during and after the current time line. What was Spartan up to in his days as a pit fighter? Perhaps stories set on the individual worlds or even the outer colonies where something has been lurking since their establishment just a few years ago.

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